Inaugurated Newly Constructed Building

On the vibrant morning of October 26th, 2023, the Musali National School gleamed with pride as it inaugurated its newly constructed building, a testament to the collective efforts of Balad Alkhair’s generous funding and the diligent implementation by ISRC Sri Lanka. The ceremony was graced by esteemed personalities, including the distinguished Chief Guest, State Minister Kadar Masthan, whose commitment to rural affairs resonated with the school’s vision.

Ahamed Seyyaf, CEO of ISRC, symbolized the driving force behind the project, emphasizing the dedication and passion that made the endeavor a reality. The presence of the Zonal Education Director from Mannar underscored the collaborative spirit between the institution and the local educational authorities.
The event was a celebration for the Musali National School’s Principal, teachers, and staff, whose unwavering dedication formed the bedrock of the institution. Their commitment to nurturing young minds in a conducive environment was finally enhanced by this new infrastructure.
The opening of the building marked a significant milestone, promising better educational opportunities and a brighter future for the students. This auspicious day not only symbolized a new chapter in the school’s history but also a beacon of hope for the community it serves, embodying the transformative power of collective efforts and determination.

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